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Enactus Regina is an award-winning entrepreneurship and social innovation club at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. As a student driven organization, we encourage youth to research novel solutions to humanitarian issues, start social enterprises, and host educational or empowering events. Our accomplishments include successfully lobbying the Government of Saskatchewan to enact a high school financial literacy curriculum, the creation of a national award winning financial technology startup, and the successful prototyping of an accessibility rig for disabled photographers. We have been the annual host of Regina's Prince's Operation Entrepreneur boot-camp for the last seven years. Our current work includes the development of a city-wide food diversion network and urban farm, creation of Canada's first incubator for accessibility innovation, and the implementation of an entrepreneurship micro-curriculum for high school students. We are looking to expand our impact capabilities, such as by onboarding new projects and recruiting innovative student members.


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Enactus Regina is an entrepreneurship and social innovation club at the University of Regina that promotes conscious capitalism through a community lens. As a student driven organization, we empower youth to care for their communities by building innovative and charitable projects.


Enactus Regina aims to be the largest student-run community organization in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2020. We are committed to building an entrepreneurship ecosystem at the University of Regina and acting as the student wing of Regina's entrepreneurial movement.


Enactus Regina is committed to meeting a growth trajectory of 50+ active student members by Q2 2020. We will contribute 8,500+ volunteer hours within that academic year. Our club will also have a project portfolio that consists of 4+ projects, including a new environmental project.

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Fifo is the first student-led financial technology startup in the Province of Saskatchewan. In the past, the Fifo team has helped successfully lobby the Government of Saskatchewan to enact a mandatory provincial high school personal finance curriculum, impacting tens of thousands of youth. Fifo has also won multiple awards across Canada, and is currently developing a cutting edge application to revolutionize the financial industry. The project is led by Salmaan Moolla.

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Readapt is an accessibility innovation organization that seeks to close ability gaps for disabled people via volunteerism and social innovation. The team has already developed the world's first DSLR camera accessibility rig. Readapt's process includes building a free library of educational resources, hosting global challenges to allow students to utilize their skills, and inviting high potential participants onto a knowledge mobilization network where they will work in teams to design and distribute accessibility devices. Readapt is also developing Canada's first accessibility innovation incubator. The project is led by Arslan Azeem.

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Feedbank is a sustainability initiative that aims to reduce food waste from the University of Regina campus and redistribute food to people in need throughout the city. The project focuses on the second United Nations sustainable development goal, which is zero hunger. Along with food diversion, Feedbank also educates food vendors and the general public on safe donation practices and policies. The project will eventually expand city-wide and become a connection point between major food vendors and local organizations helping those in need. The project is led by Tinsae Alemu and Noor Tajik.


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